Invest in your downtown district! 

Dear Friends of Plant City Main Street,

Plant City Main Street serves as a liaison between the City of Plant City, the business community, local and regional economic development groups and the non-profit sector. Our goals it to bring all of these parties together to revitalize and maintain our historic downtown district. Through these efforts, we ask local volunteers, businesses and partnering organizations to help by investing both financially and personally with their time as volunteers so that we can safeguard the fate of our downtown district by restoring businesses, restaurants, events, and family activities in our hometown.

As we move into 2018, it is our board of directors, volunteers, and business partners’ commitment to preserving our city’s cultural identity through the redevelopment of our downtown that continues to move Main Street’s initiatives forward. When considering the growth that we are experiencing with new development on the horizon, new businesses moving into the downtown district, and the many events and activities that are taking place we need your help to continue our efforts and sustain our ability to restore our business district as a place where our kids and families want to live, shop, work, and play. We are seeing a greater number of volunteers for our efforts and are meeting with excited entrepreneurs interested in moving to and investing in downtown Plant City. This is a direct result of Main Street’s approach of revitalization and the city’s commitment to the restoration of the downtown retail region. The correlation between these factors is indisputable, Downtown Plant City continues to grow and develop because of continued support from our volunteers, local businesses, partnering organizations and our Sponsors, who all share a belief that a strong downtown is an essential component of the integrity of our community.

We hope that you will consider investigating your Plant City Main Street program and support the downtown revitalization initiative as a stakeholder and sponsor in 2018. Your Main Street represents Program Sponsors, Event Sponsors, and individuals or families within our community who are seeking to impact the progression of downtown Plan City by providing a financial contribution.

Main Street Annual Membership