We work for ALL of​ the Downtown District

In the past, the word "downtown" brought to mind an image of a bustling center of commerce and activity. Too often today, the images are of vacant, deteriorating buildings. Now communities hav​e discovered that with the help from Historic Plant City Main Street, Downtown can thrive again.

There are many reasons for a community to actively encourage the revitalization of the downtown. An economically healthy downtown:

• Builds a positive image for the community

• Creates job opportunities

• Saves tax dollars

• Preserves the community's historic resources

• Helps to control sprawl

Throughout Florida, there is a growing interest in improving the appearance and economic stability of historic downtown business districts. In many communities, the downtown is in a serious state of decline. Effective solutions to the problems of deteriorating building stock, loss of business, and the waning economic strength of downtown are crucial to the survival of the city itself.

"They are the economic engine, the big stage, the community's living room.

Main Streets tell us about who we are, who we were, and how the past

has shaped us."

-National Main Street Center

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